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Meet Lynda

I believe that good design does not have to break the bank." and now with our exclusive decorating app, it doesn't have to. Here's my story.

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Sew Creative

I started sewing at the age of 7 and have been at the sewing machine ever since.  My experience with texture and detailing comes from this love of working with fabric and fine stitchery. I love making pillows, slipcovers, children's clothes, and have even been known to make a wedding dress or two. Knowing how items are constructed gives me a unique perspective on design details and quality.

Corporate Vision

As the Chief Operational Officer of a multi-million dollar medical diagnostic company, I gained qualified expertise in managing people and processes. When juggling many employees in many departments with many different goals I had to learn to utilize my time and resources effectively. This is essential for managing design work, especially in remodeling.

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Construction Experience

I discovered my spatial recognition talent when reading plans for builders for a cultured marble manufacturing business. I learned quickly that I had a keen eye for recognizing the spatial components of a room and visually seeing what would work in the space and what wouldn't. This gives me an advantage in the virtual design area.


I spent 5 years of my career as a single mom and understand the overwhelming stresses of working and wanting to have the perfect space to come home and relax.  My experiences give me a unique set of skills to partner with busy moms and professionals and relieve the stresses of home decorating, remodeling and updating.

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